Benjamin Zander Radiating Possibility with "Ode to Joy" at the World Business Forum

There are few people who can upstage President Bill Clinton.

I witnessed this rare occasion take place at the World Business Forum last week.

Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and co-author of The Art of Possibility took the stage, and demonstrated how to think outside of the box, and to “look for the shining eyes!” to inspire us to think about possibilities.

Zander's speech ended with the entire audience of 4,000 singing--no, radiating, Beethoven's Ode to Joy--in German filling the hall with joy--and possibility.

He left the audience feeling "transformed," not simply "motivated" to radiate possibilities.

And then Bill Clinton had the impossible task of following such a crescendo of excitement. He recovered the audience's focus--eventually.

While it is impossible to convey the power Zander had over the audience, I can direct you to a couple of videos here and here, and to his book, The Art of Possibility

And, a few of pearls from his speech.

IDEA #1:

Believe in Rule #6: "Don't take yourself too God Damn seriously"

And, what are Rules #1-5? There are no other rules.

IDEA #2:

Possibility (that amazingly optimistic driver of happiness) is only one sentence away

IDEA #3:

Certain voices in our head only take us to the back row of life. You need to move up to the front, and live the possibilities

IDEA #4:

Every time you make a mistake, don't look down in shame--look up and scream "HOW FASCINATING"

IDEA #5:

There's no such thing as bad weather--only inappropriate clothing.


(photographer's credit: Dov Friedmann)




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