Bring the Outside Weather Inside with the Nebula 12 Cloud-Generating Light.

Zurich-based Micasa LAB’s Nebula 12, is a light that realistically recreates the day’s current weather indoors.

Say what? 

Yes, the Nebula 12 uses meteorological data and changes in color and brightness, like nature, to match the weather outside via color changes and liquid nitrogen, WiFi LEDs and high power vacuum suction to recreate the weather outside—indside.

Yellow light signifies sunny days, real clouds on an overcast morning, or red clouds when low-pressure looms.

Now, we love technology, but it needs to be practical, and wanted for us to believe in its value. Considering homes were designed as shelter from the outside elements, we are a bit confused as to why you’d want to bring the outside elements inside.

But I guess the Nebula 12 gives you a second way of see what the weather’s like outside—if you’re too lazy to look out the window. 

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