Check 1-2: Make Splitting The Bill Less Awkward

Let’s face it; we’ve all had the awkward experience after a good meal with 15 friends at the Cheesecake Factory when it’s time to split the bill. Now imagine instead, your waiter or waitress brings you a Check 1-2, an all-in-one touch screen device with a card reader and stylus, designed to make splitting the bill impossibly easy.

Aside from being able to easily itemize your tab, Check 1-2’s secure card reader does away with any need for your server to wander off with your credit card, all is done right there at the table. Customers also have the option to have their receipt emailed to them because, well because it’s almost 2013 and you’d think more businesses would be catching on to this by now.

The creative agency Pushstart is responsible for this beauty and currently looking for businesses and retailers interested in getting Check 1-2 off the drawing board and into production.

Click here to get in contact with them.

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