Claim Your Place in Space: Win a Trip in a Spacecraft via KLM and Space Expedition Curaçao (SXC)

Space Expedition Curaçao (SXC) will begin commercial flights into space in 2014. And now, thanks to airline KLM, you may win yourself a seat next to the pilot of a spacecraft. The trip will rocket you 103 km up into space at 4G’s of trust. You will see the Earth as you’ve never seen it before and experience complete weightlessness. As you re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, prepare for a maximum 4.5 g-force experience before safely gliding back to Earth and returning to Curaçao.

The SXC Lynx is a state-of-the art rocket ship. It lifts off like an airplane, then powers up vertically to reach space in a matter of minutes. KLM is offering two tickets (you and a friend) on this amazing trip. No word on how much carry-on baggage is allowed, or what the in-flight movie selection will be.

The only way to find out is to enter to win.

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