Confessions from a Wing Girl #64: Should I Admit to a Google Background Check on a Date?

Marni Kinrys'  The Wing Girl Method is based on the key principle of "You gotta turn yourself on first before any woman will ever be attracted to you". Each week Marni doles out wise advice on dating, relatiionships, and communication by using her insider knowledge to good use for the betterment of all men by telling them what women REALLY want, not what they say they want.  



Gretchen and I have had a couple of dates. She’s terrific and we have great conversation (and even better sex). The other night she told me that one of the things she hates is when guys check up on her by Googling her and searching out all of her photos and secrets. She says that should be left to getting to know someone in person. The problem is, I have stalked her like crazy on the Internet and have checked out every Facebook picture, and even found some of her ex-boyfriends (just online). I feel like I’m doing my due diligence—plus I really like seeing all of the hot photos of her. But she has told me she hates when people do that. Should I fess up about my Googling, or keep quiet?



There are few times in life when I advise people to lie but this is one of them. Well I guess its not so much lying as it's withholding unneeded information.  The truth is you are allowed to do whatever you want to do. You're investing in this girl. You're sleeping with her and getting emotional about her. So why shouldn't you do your research.  Having said that, I don't think you need to turn in sherlock holmes and continue investigating this girl once the initial investigation is complete.  You've gotten what you need from your digging and there is no need to continue. 

Think of it this way.  You get to see her naked all the time. So why do you need to go online and look at pictures of her?

Unless you don't trust her. Then that's a separate red flag that you have tackle on your own. 


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