Durex Fundawear: Vibrating Underwear for Your Private Bits.

Imagine being able to touch someone using a smartphone app and a set of vibrating underwear. 

Condom manufacturer Durex is promoting an iPhone-controlled vibrating underwear called “Fundawear” that allows couples to “touch each other over the Internet.” They call it the duture of foreplay.

The concept seems simple enough: place vibrating sensors at certain sensitive locations in a pair of bra and undies, or boxer shorts. Then link those sensors to an iPhone app that controls when and how those sensors are activated. The special undies can be used for self-stimulation, or by your special loved one who can either be in the room with you, or across the world.

Currently, the product is not available for sale; however, Durex Australia is running a contest on Facebook where winners receive a pair of Fundawear. Let’s hope this isn’t just a publicity stunt, because if this concept really works, it could revolutionize and industry—as it stimulates your private bits.

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