Edible Food Packaging Turns Your Stomach into a Compost Pale.

Let’s face it. Most of the time we have no idea what we are putting in our mouths. Preservatives, coloring, even chlorine from the wash put over vegetables to keep them safe from bacteria. 

So, the idea of edible packaging of foods doesn’t bother me in the least—although I might be in the minority.

Slate reports on two start-up companies, WikiCells and Vivos who are working to create a “film” that wraps food in a protective coating that is also edible. The wraps encase various foods and liquids in edible membranes that function like the skin of a grape. The idea is that less packaging is good for the environment. Think of your stomach as the new compost pale.

Unfortunately, the solution is only half environmentally baked, in that While this solution may dispense with the wasteful primary packaging that actually touches the food, you still need a box or wrapper.

Check out more on this trend over at Slate.


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