"Excuse me, my tattoo is ringing" Nokia's concept of a tingling magnetic tattoo alerts you when your phone rings.

Nokia, the Finnish cellphone manufacturer has submitted a patent application for a magnetic tattoo that is designed to tingle when your phone rings.

And, it is not as crazy as you think. The technology of haptic feedback is found in the Nintendo Wii controller and other products that “communicate” through touch.

The idea of a tattoo (different than a patch) is a pretty serious commitment to your phone carrier—although with our phones nearly “attached to our hips” the concept doesn’t seem to far-fetched.

Think of it more as a “patch” than a tattoo.

The Week explains the technology this way: “The tattoo ink is enriched with metallic compounds that will be demagnetized before the ink is embedded in the skin. Once the tattoo has healed, the ink will be re-magnetized with permanent magnets. Your tattoo will then be sensitive to magnetic pulses, which theoretically can be emitted by a cellular phone.”

The key word here is “theoretically” as this is simply a patent application, not a product launch. But even if Nokia never sells a phone-tattoo, the patent application is evidence that companies believe technology will eventually be merged with our bodies in some form or another. The Week posits that Nokia's patent could even be seen as a preemptive move to profit off an inventor who creates a similar innovation in the future.

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