FIVE GEST: From the End of the World to Instagram's Policy Changes -- 5 Things You Shouldn't Have Missed.

We know you get busy sometimes, and you might miss an article or two on FIVE THôT. That's why we bring you the FIVE GEST--to catch up on those THôTs you really shouldn't have missed.

1). The Perks of Hitting Rock Bottom.

Break-ups, illness, financial loss, and tragedies of all sorts can trigger us to spin downward until we hit what seems to be the point where we feel things can't get any worse. What we can do is use those times to get to know ourselves better? In "The Perks of Hitting Rock Bottom," FIVE THôT editor Rocky McGredy examines what  can be done when things come crashing down around you and you find yourself at square one. “It’s hard to swallow, but in those times it’s not about what you had. It’s about what you have, and what you’re going to do to show the world you have it.” 

2). Five Things That Will Never Happen After The World Ends.

Another rumored apocalypse came and went this week, as the Mayan Calendar hysteria reached fever pitch. While others were stockpiling supplies, FIVE-THôT editor Nick Baber took a more practical, albeit light-hearted view of the near end of the world in this article as he considered five things that we might have missed had the Mayan predictions come true. Prepare to giggle.

3). "Identical: Portraits of Twins,” Up Close, and Side-by-Side by Photographer Martin Schoeller.

Photographer Martin Schoeller uses his distinctive close-up portrait style to examine sets of identical twins and multiples in his latest book of amazing photographic portraits. “In a close-up, the impact stems largely from the static subject’s expression or apparent lack thereof, so the viewer is challenged to read a face without the benefit of the environmental cues we naturally use to form our interpersonal reactions.” Learn more, and take a look at some images from his latest book.

4). Silence as a PR Strategy: Crisis Communications When the Faces of Tragedy are Just Six Years Old.

As a nation, we are at an inflection point in how to deal with the rising gun violence in our country. The events at Sandy Hook Elementary seem to have stirred us all. Columnist Derek Gordon takes a look at how the National Rifle Association is dealing with this issue—and the value of being silent during a crisis.

5). When ye giveth to Facebook and Instagram, your privacy and ownership be taketh away.

With the news of changes to privacy policies and terms of service agreements at Facebook and Instagram this week, Editor-in-Chief David Allen Ibsen examines how our growing reliance on social networking is changing the way we define privacy, and how the best defense is a good offense when it comes to managing personal content online. 

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