Top Five Places to Find Up-and-Coming Musicians.

When Guest Author Brynn Alexander isn't busy seeking out new music and artists, she spreads her love for music across the web as a blogger and site marketer. Check out her site here. Today, Brynn is checking out five places to find up and coming musicians:

1) Shuffler FM

This is a music aggregation service based on blogs, so you'll get some Bon Jovi thrown into the mix, but enough bloggers out there are writing about new musicians that you'll also get a good dose of stuff you've never heard of before.  The Shuffler web interface is both engaging and pretty, and you can choose to listen to new music based on genre, with each song in a playlist coming from a different blog.  If you want to take Shuffler with you on the go, there's also an iPad app.

2) Abeano

If you don't want to have to do a lot of digging around and you just want someone to keep serving up the great new music, Abeano is a fantastic source.  With only a few thousand followers on social media, Abeano is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to new music blogs, and you'll get everything from pop and electro to R&B and hip-hop.  Sometimes there can be a several-day gap between posts, but then two or three will come out in a row, and there's always new content on the way.

3) Discovr

If you like the concept behind Pandora but wish it were more visual, Discovr is for you.  It's sort of like an interactive map for the music world, where you can explore new artists based on a starting point that you choose, and branch off into a sort of "family tree" based on artists that you already like.  It's an extremely pretty app, works really well for helping you find music, and is available for both iPhone and iPad.  There are also different versions of Discovr to help you find new movies, apps, and even people.

4) Earbits

With over 72,000 songs in its database, Earbits may be the most extensive independent music source on the web.  You can either choose to listen to music from more than two hundred pre-defined channels, or you can leave it to the experts and listen to hand-picked lists chosen by the editors of the site.  Each song you listen to is accompanied by information about the artist, including social media links, websites, and downloads.

5) TheSixtyOne

If you ever visited TheSixtyOne back when it was just a regular website, you might want to give it another shot.  The entire site has been revamped into more of a new music service, with bands "competing" for your attention.  New artists can submit their music to the site, and then site users listen to the tracks and vote on what they like and what they don't.  You can navigate between tracks using your arrow keys, so it's easy to listen to a song for a few seconds and then move on if you're not digging it.  You can also choose to listen to songs based on mood.

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