THE FIVE SCOOP: 25Hours Hotel, Tailored by Levi’s.

The 25hours Hotel Company in Germany is a budget-de-luxe hotel with a concierge-level of attentiveness in a laidback, authentic atmosphere. Each 25hours hotel tells a story inspired by the hotel’s location.

At the hotel’s Frankfurt location, they happened to be located in the city’s Main Station district adjacent to the new German headquarters of Levi Strauss—the iconic San Francisco jeans company.

As the story goes, the neighbors started talking, and plans to combine the two brand’s aesthetics emerged. Designed by Michael Dreher and Delphine Buhro, and architect Karl Dudler, 25Hours and Levi’s collaborated integrate the two brands within the walls of the hotel.

Rather than “deluxe” and “superior” rooms, the guest suites are called “M,” “L,” and “XL.” The color palette fittingly uses lots of jeans-inspired hues of indigo and blue, and each of the six floors is dedicated to a different decade of the twentieth century, evoked through the use of varying color palettes, furniture and music, with a special emphasis on the rock 'n' roll era most often associated with the iconic jeans brand.

It has been noted that the 25hours Hotel by Levi's can be seen as an homage to the fashion, culture and style of the 1930s to 1980s with a unifying theme of "blue jeans." The lobby has a Levis display and rooms are fitted with denim covered walls, denim chairs and denim bedcovers.

It all sounds like a good fit to us.

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