FIVE SCOOP: A Box of Awesome from Bespoke Post.

Bespoke Post delivers fresh and interesting lifestyle brands and products to men. Each month, customers get to choose from one of Bespoke Post’s limited-edition boxes filled with products built around a central, unique theme.

Company founders Steve Szaronos and Rishi Prabhu started the company about a year ago after realizing that there was so much focus in the retail and ecommerce space on women and the power of the purse and that guys were largely being ignored.

“Guys are different and their experiences should be too,” says Rishi. “Hence we created Bespoke Post, a members-only subscription club for guys.”

Bespoke Post scours the world for great products and brands and develop themed boxes and experiences around them. That’s why they call their deliveries a Box of Awesome. The company alerts members what will be in the box on the 1st of the month and gives them 5 days to opt-out, free of charge.

The company uses data analytics to learn more and more about their members each day. The goal is to eventually deliver boxes that are specifically tailored to their interests and tastes. “If we know you are into fashion, we’ll send you a great set of ties, whereas maybe your friend is more into the culinary and will receive a sharp set of knives. We won’t have a box for every person, but we hope to create boxes that are better suited to groups of our members.

So why is a concept like Bespoke Post great for guys? It’s simple. Men don’t want to browse through hundreds of options or receive monthly samples to find what we want. We want to discover new products and brands without all the work. I always say, I may not like to shop, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to buy. The folks at Bespoke Post say that the subscription model provides the perfect medium to deliver a high-quality, fully-curated experience to men where we do most of the work and they just have to take the final step.

Bespoke Post sets itself apart by the types of products they send out, and the stories it tells about each of the brands offered, and how to use them. They seek out products that make fanatics about different hobbies - whether that’s coffee, or cooking steak, or drinking a Manhattan. But Bespoke is not only about the items in the box, they are about providing you content that helps you make the most out of your box experience. They won't simply send you a nice cocktail kit, they will also show members exactly how to use it to make a great cocktail. They don’t just want to send out a quality shoe polishing kit - they also want to teach members four different ways to tie shoelaces and the five types of shoes to own.

The folks at Bespoke Post say they love finding things that make them go “wow”, because they know that their members will love it too. Which, of course, results in a Box of Awesome.

 Steve Szaronos and Rishi Prabhu


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