FIVE SCOOP: Bellroy Makes Wallets. Thin Ones. Better Ones.

Bellroy say they are a small group trying to slim your wallet—no, not by stealing your money, but by improving the way we carry. Call it “carryology”—the science of eliminating pockets and bulky design, and making leather wallets that are more efficient, have better access, better protection, and even a little old school craft. 

The team of Aussies at Bellroy see themselves as problem solvers and innovators in an area that has existed in what they see as a deep freeze for the last generation or two. It's also an area in which that aforementioned “small group” have long experience designing for much larger brands and who decided to split off, and dive into an area that they all loved but felt was under-explored. "Bellroy is a big group of friends, but it's our awesome friends that have loads of talent." says founder Andrew Fallshaw, “It's funny how nepotism and awesomeness seem to live right next door to each other.” 

The team at Bellory are constantly generating ideas for how we can carry more efficiently, provide better access, better experiences, and even add a little protection for your pocket contents. They say they craft the very best products they can, hoping to give their customers many years of happy wallet service. They like to see how each new insight spurs more new insights. “Each time we learn something, we want to spread that learning back over everything we've already done.”

“We want to make better and better product that our friends and our rad customers will get a huge smile from,” says Andrew.

Their basic philosophy in wallet design is simple. You don't have to compromise to have a slimmer wallet. You can make huge gains just by using a wallet with less leather and air inside it.

So it is quite simple. Bellroy is about wallets. Slim ones. They produce what they love, for their rad customers. “That's it,” says Andrew. “That's all we want to work on for at least the next long time. We want to get awesome at them. Like really awesome. And we want to share that stuff with anyone that cares.” 

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet from Bellroy on Vimeo.

Things That Excite and Inspire Us from Bellroy on Vimeo.

Bellroy Passport Sleeve from Bellroy on Vimeo.

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