FIVE SCOOP: Brooklyn Grooming--Inspired by a Hangover and an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Brooklyn Grooming makes everything a man needs to be well groomed--from shaving serums and pomades, to beard oils and tattoo balms.

Founder McKenzie Santiago had been daydreaming of creating a men's line with colognes and hair oils. “It really came to me rather intuitively and through a heavy night of drinking.” McKenzie says the hangover allowed her to relax and drift into the idea. 

“I’m not advocating alcohol, I just remember the moment so vividly. I put together the recipes and brought them to Alfredo (Ortiz) who really shaped the idea into something tangible and visual.” They worked together for months to create Brooklyn Grooming.

With a true entrepreneurial spirit, the company was funded by the income McKenzie was making as a bartender, and fueled by a love with what they do.

McKenzie says that the Brooklyn Grooming line reflects their principles and ultimate love of classic design and products that are made with care. “There is something to be said for a product you know someone made, when it reaches your hands you can feel the effort someone put into it and that is something that means a lot to both of us,” says McKenzie.

Brooklyn Grooming is available in the U.S. and has recently expanded to having a line in France, The Netherlands and Norway. “There is nothing cooler than knowing that people like your products. Our customers are the best and we're fortunate to have people who like our stuff and really get us,” according to McKenzie. 

So what’s the DNA of Brooklyn Grooming? McKenzie says that she and Alfredo both value integrity. “We make sure our values are reflected in each product we offer. Everything is carefully crafted and designed with our customers health in mind. It’s important to create products that people want to continually buy not just because they are cool, but because they are simply made well.”

You can check out Brooklyn Grooming here.

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