FIVE SCOOP: Charlie's Brownies— gluten-free gourmet brownies.

Los Angeles-based Charlie’s Brownies offers gluten-free gourmet brownies. They use no preservatives or artificial flavors—only a blend of the finest ingredients and promise “home-baked love.” 

Charlie Fyffe, the founder and CEO of Charlie’s Brownies says the business started as a hustle, became a passion, and then organically evolved into a business venture. 

“In high school, I made brownies from a box mix and sold them for $1. I did well because the cafeteria lines were long, lunch break was short, and I already had clientele from selling candy and Gatorade. In college, I joined the baking club and learned how to make brownies from scratch. Every Wednesday, we, members of the baking club. sold our pastries on campus to raise money for the club. After one of the school counselors tried my s’mores brownie, her only exclamation was, ‘This is the best brownie I’ve heard had!’  The following week she introduced me to the manager of the main coffee shop on campus and had me bring samples. After he took one bite, his only exclamation was, ‘We’re starting tomorrow! I need two dozen!’”

Unlike many other bakeries that offer a broad range of goods, Charlie’s Brownies focuses on making brownies and everything they stand for. They make brownie cupcakes, brownie cookies, brownie cakes and even brownie cake pops. In fact, they say they offer “The Ultimate Brownie Experience.” 

Most brownies are overly dense and rich. They are usually only offered in one or two flavors and they’re full of unnatural ingredients. Charlie’s Brownies are almost completely organic, they are light on the palette, extremely moist and gluten-free. 

They have seven different flavors of gluten-free brownies, five of which are also available as vegan meaning no eggs, no dairy. They  source 90% organic ingredients and produce all natural products. “We’re different because we are in a way placing a crown on the brownie which is often overshadowed by cupcakes and cookies at other bakeries,” says Charlie, “When people think of the word brownie, we want Charlie’s Brownies to be synonymous, a household name!”

Charlie ships brownie gift boxes all over the country for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. Anyone can order directly from the website and each box includes a personalized note attached. 

They’re also establishing working relationships with retail outlets like Whole Foods, and see wholesale distribution as a key element in the success of the brand. In Los Angeles (where they are based), they see great opportunities in setting up farmer’s market stands and catering private events.

Charlie sees his kitchen as his laboratory, a place where he can create and innovate, similar to musicians in their studio. “The possibilities for making new brownie flavors and offshoot brownie products are endless,” he says, “We are passionate about this cause!” And their fans are passionate about Charlie's.

Charlie is also right in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. You can check it out here.

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