FIVE SCOOP: Chicago Comb Co. is Making Enduring Works of Sculpture and Design.

The sensitive, well-groomed male has gone from “metrosexual” urban myth, to mainstream trend. From clothing to grooming products, men are buying items to look good, smell good, and feel good — like never before. Not a gender known historically for their shopping prowess, the male as fashion consumer is coming of age.

Aligning with this trend, the Chicago Comb Co. was founded on the principle that everyday objects, such as a comb, should be enduring works of sculpture and design. They make Artisan combs, designed to last a lifetime.

Yes, combs.

In Victorian times, combs were prized possessions of women, and the tools of the trade for barbers and coveted by fine gentleman. But for recent generations, combs have become a dime-store throwaway item — stuffed in the back pockets of greasy-haired kids in the 1950s and ignored by generations of men who paid little attention to fine-grooming techniques.

But the founders of Chicago Comb Co. set out to transform the comb’s place in the modern male’s grooming regimen. Their goal is to create combs that will be treasured and admired across generations.  Like a classic wristwatch or elegant cuff links, a fine comb should/could be one of the essential elements of a gentleman's style. Rather than fashion, which is often transient, Chicago Comb Co. aims to create combs that reflect an enduring style and permanence.

Founders Jeff and Ted were lifelong friends who started the Chicago Comb Co. as an extension of their interest in locally produced products, companies that employ sustainable production and artisan manufacturing processes, and general appreciation of well made and designed products. 

Each Chicago Comb begins life as a solid block of high quality stainless steel that forges in Northwest Indiana. The steel is then precisely laser-cut and carefully hand-finished in Chicago. Even the custom packaging is made in Chicago.

They have plans to extend to a wide range of combs that meet the needs of a wide range of audiences and then extend our products into other grooming, and eventually style accessories — all made locally utilizing artisan manufacturing.   

Jeff and Ted say that Chicago Combs showcase timeless elements of design which transform the commonplace into the extraordinary. We have to agree.

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