Five Scoop: Fireman's Brew Ignites The Party

Firefighters dedicate their life’s work to saving lives, putting out massive fires, and as Leave It To Beaver taught us, assisting overzealous cats down from trees. That’s a whole lot of pressure, and what better way to relax at the end of a day than crack open an ice cold brewski or twoski? So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rob Nowaczyk and Ed Walker, two LA County Firefighters, decided to run head first into the fiery business of brewing Craft beers.

Enter Fireman’s Brew, beers created by firemen, for firemen.

If you’re looking to “extinguish your thirst” as their website so aptly puts it, Fireman’s Brew has given us three lovely ladies to choose from: The Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead. (A Pilsner style Ale, German Doublebock, and Red Amber Ale, respectively.)

“We talked about setting out to not only make great beer, but also create a company that would give back to the firefighter community,” says Founder Rob Nowaczyk.

Fireman’s Brew currently donates 5% of it’s net income to the nonprofit National Fallen Firefighters Foundation while also supporting local Firefighter relief organizations with fundraising efforts.

If you’re not off duty just yet and need an extra kick, Fireman’s brew offers an 8 Alarm Blend of coffee, your False Alarm Decaf coffee and a handful of classic fountain sodas.

Fireman’s Brew is now available in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois, with future plans for national distribution.

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