FIVE SCOOP: Foundry Collection Furniture--a Story of Making.

Foundry was started in 2003 with the intention to bring high quality, versatile contemporary furniture to Singapore. Singapore has it’s roots as a trading port for the East India Company and is now a major transportation and financial hub of Southeast Asia. It is a mix of traditions and old practices set among an ultra-modern and white-washed facade. Foundry is a bridge between the world of contemporary design and East Asian craftsmanship.

A supporter of understated elegance and pared-down simplicity, Foundry Collection Founder Felix Low believes in the unwavering devotion to detail and wanted to work with people who share this philosophy.

The company says their customers cannot be framed by a specific demographic group. Rather, it is easier to define them by their shared belief and appreciation for things. They often look for objects that observe fundamental design values such as simplicity and quality, and at the same time, providing something more than function to living, working and play spaces. In addition, they love pieces that tell a story, a back-to-basics philosophy, or possess that touch of timelessness. These are all things that people have come to like about Foundry.

“Ours is a story of making,” says the company, “we craft furniture and accessories, but beyond products we are also about inventing fresh ideas, forging new creative narratives and moulding a contemporary design culture.”

Foundry Collection seeks out the talents of designers and craftsman from all over the world, pairing the right creative vision with the right method and skill, and connect the global and the local.

Foundry believes in design but also in the art of making. Design imagines a better world, but it is the right skills and methods that materialize the vision. They say their emphasis is therefore on craft and material, and on finding the essence of a design object.

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