FIVE SCOOP: Frameri Interchangeable Eyeglass Frames and Lenses.

Most of us wear the same pair of eyeglasses day after day after day. While we wear different pants, shoes, shirts and belts each day, most of us only have one pair of eyeglasses. Why? Because of the cost. A nice pair of eyeglasses and lenses can cost you $1,000. And while companies like Warby Parker are solving some of the issues around expensive eyeglasses solutions by making frames inexpensive, a company called Frameri has decided to take a different approach, and lower the overall cost of the lenses we wear.

Frameri  makes boutique-quality frames to fit the same set of lenses, allowing consumers to tailor their glasses to their personal styles and needs. For the first time, consumers can change out their frames inexpensively and easily to match any outfit or occasion by buying one set of lenses that fit into multiple frames.

Frameri was born out of a personal frustration with eyewear and the desire to help people see without compromising their style. Founders Konrad Billetz, Kevin Habich, Ted Lichtenberger and Caelan Urquhart, have worn glasses their entire lives, yet as their styles changed, they found their glasses couldn’t keep up. In turn, the founders combined their backgrounds in design, engineering and business to transform the optical experience and deliver the world’s first interchangeable frame and lens system.

It is a radically practical solution to an age-old problem. You don’t need new lenses for every new pair of frames. All lenses are the same—it is the frames that make different fashion statements and “looks.” (pun intended). Frameri allows eyeglasses customer to purchase one set of lenses that fit quickly and reliably into multiple frames.

Frameri glasses are designed with a unique hard polymer coating around the lenses that was specifically developed to allow for thousands of effortless lens exchanges so that consumers can easily change frames whenever they want. It’s as simple as popping your lenses in and popping your lenses out of whatever frame you want to wear that day!

Not only can consumers now change their frames to fit a specific style or occasion, but when their vision changes they can easily and inexpensively replace their lenses without having to replace their frames.

Frameri also works with prescription sun lenses in the same styles as their clear lenses, allowing consumers to easily transforms their frames into sunglasses by popping their sun lenses into their frames.  

Easy. Simple. Innovative. Perfect.

Frameri is launching a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to fund its first full-production run in Italy before debuting the initial collection online in early 2014. 

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