FIVE SCOOP: Good Eggs—Farm to Fridge Groceries

Good Eggs lets you order groceries online from the best local farmers & foodmakers. They’re on a mission to grow and sustain local food systems.

Once ordered, your Good Eggs groceries are picked and prepped to order then delivered to your door (or pickup). The food is fresher and more nutritious because it’s picked and prepped locally, and without ingredients that read like a chemistry textbook. Good Eggs provides local meat, dairy and eggs that come from ranchers who treat their animals with respect, giving them ample space to roam and food they’d naturally eat—raising healthier animals that are also better for us.

Good Eggs is a mission-driven organization.  They want to help grow and sustain locally-owned farms, small food businesses, commercial kitchens, warehouses, grocers, and all the people involved that feed a local area. “We’re certain that better food is a means to a better world,” says Founder Rob Spiro, “As people get more of their food from local systems—systems built on caring for the land, animals and people in them—we believe that we’ll see real change.”

Founders Rob Spiro and Alon Salant are both farmers-turned-techies. Rob helped raise chickens and tomatoes on a farm in upstate New York, while Alon honed his skills as a backyard farmer where he produces about 100 jars of lemon marmalade each year from the Meyer lemon tree in his backyard garden, and makes a mean kombucha. The two eventually moved to Silicon Valley and became technology entrepreneurs, where they met working on prior ventures. Rob was previously the co-founder of Aardvark, acquired by Google in 2010, and a product lead on the Google+ project. Alon, was previously the co-founder of Carbon Five, which he ran for 10 years. Combining both of their passions for agriculture, they founded Good Eggs in 2011 with the mission to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide.

Rob and Alon partnered with local farmers & foodmakers to test lots of ideas in search of one that would best contribute to their social and environmental goals. Their early prototypes and studies uncovered a need for a new kind of local grocery service. Based on that insight, Good Eggs officially launched in early Spring 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The concept of Good Eggs has clicked with shoppers and met a major need for more local food infrastructure, so the team is expanding to new warehouses opening soon in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and New Orleans.  

Rob says the success of Good Eggs is derived from the passion and interest each member of our team and the producers and foodmakers we work with. “We all share the common goal to sustain local food markets worldwide.  The diversity of our organization promotes alternative and forward thinking ideas that are already impacting our communities in a positive way.” 

The folks at Good Eggs say you can trust that the farmers & foodmakers producing your food are just that – good eggs. They’re folks living and working in your area who care about quality, sustainability, and the welfare of their communities. Doesn’t that make you want to be a good egg too?

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