FIVE SCOOP: Grouper Sends you out on Dates in a 6-Pack.

Let’s face it. Most things are made better when you do them with someone else. Grouper is a social club that uses Facebook profiles to set up blind dates Groupers of six people who go out for drinks. It allows you to meet new people with the friends you already have, and meet in the outside world “ in real life” (IRL). Just as texting has changed the way we communicate, Grouper wants to change the way we date.

Paradoxically, “social” networks like Facebook can be surprisingly anti-social. And, online dating has left us even more alone in the glow of our computer screens, and disconnected from humanity than ever. Grouper delivers on the promise of Facebook as a true “social” network. Now, more than ever, people want to connect in the real world. Grouper uses the Internet to bring us together, rather than keep us apart. 

Grouper takes a lot of the hassle and guesswork out of having an awesome night. “As an alternative,” says CEO Michael Waxman, “you can go to a random bar and take your chances, and maybe, if you’re lucky, one time out of ten (or more), at the end of the night, you end up having fun, comfortable drinks with people you actually like. Or you can just go out on a Grouper and start your night that way.” 

Let’s face it, we are used to experiencing and sharing things through social media. And there are fewer and fewer barriers to communication—as long as it is digital. What we hate is the idea of “dates” and the fear of potential in-person, confrontational rejection that is embedded in the concept.

Back in the summer of 2011 Michael Waxman had broken up with his college girlfriend and moved to New York. He wanted a fun and comfortable way to meet new people that wasn’t just wandering into a bar or some weird online dating site. “I grabbed two friends who didn’t know each other, set them up for drinks, told them to bring 2 friends each, and to pay me.” And then Grouper was born.

And dating Groupers will never be the same.





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