FIVE SCOOP: Imperial Barber Products USA are Making Guys Look as Good as They Possibly Can.

Barber-grade products for guys that live up to the promise of “Made to Work”— that’s what the team behind Imperial Barber Products USA set out to build.

Before they created Imperial Barber Products, the founding team was steeped in the barber culture of Los Angeles and New York City—working to perfect the craft of classic American hair styling. The company was formed when their attention moved to perfecting men’s hair and grooming products. Like so many entrepreneurs, they couldn’t find products that fit their needs, so they created their own.

“Pomades, gels, and waxes were either too weak, too greasy/waxy, or too fragrant, while shaving products often fell victim to an onslaught of hype that never met their expectations,” they say. “Many of the barber-based men’s grooming products used harmful petroleum based products or kitschy pomades that never lived up to their promise.”

“Our mission was to create something that’s for guys—no European name, no cute name like Bumble & Bumble, not something you’d borrow from your girlfriend,” say the founders. And they loathe the concept of “metrosexual” grooming products. The products are made for good old fashion American men who demand a product that works hard, and is simple.

Creative Director Bryan Fisher and his two business partners, Master Barber Pedro Zermeno, and Scott Serrata, have worked to make Imperial Barber Products USA more than just good packaging. With its origins in the world of barber shops, Imperial has been able to grow organically and test its products slowly and naturally. Their mission was to help guys look as good as they possibly can, and give them confidence not only in their appearance but in knowing that the products they’re using a clean, natural and live up to the promise of “Made to Work.”

Their first product was the premium water-based Classic Pomade, the “Strongest Water-Based Pomade in America”. They spent two-and-a-half years testing the Classic Pomade, not only in research labs but also in the barbershops on real customers who were equally tired of products that failed them.

While still working behind their chairs, they created additional products for the Imperial Barber Products USA line: Fiber Pomade, Gel Pomade, Matte Pomade, Pre-Shave Oil, Glycerin Face/Shave Soap and Bergamot After-Shave. The team embraces and supports classic American men’s grooming with utilitarian products grounded in heritage and functionality.

Within one year they’ve grown from 3 accounts locally in LA to over 160 accounts in 11 different countries. The brand is gaining tremendous traction and resonating with guys all over the world. It goes to show, these guys know what guys need—and they’re giving it to them.

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