FIVE SCOOP: It’s Time to Disqus.

Online discussions are an increasingly common part of the way the world communicates. And the mission of Disqus is build better online communities. Over 2.5 million sites use Disqus (including FIVE THôT), covering every topic imaginable, in over 40 languages. 

At its core, Disqus provides the mechanism for people to provide comments on websites and blogs; but the bigger opportunity for Disqus is to help people find new communities to explore their passions. 

“The growth of the online content space is being driven by niche communities of high-quality content and engaged users passionate about their views, goals and interests” says co-Founder Daniel Ha, “But they’re not always easy to find. Because we’re the common link among many of these sites, we’re uniquely positioned to connect people to other interesting people, new communities and great content.”

Daniel started Disqus while he was studying computer science engineering at UC Davis. He hooked up with childhood friend Jason Yan and dropped out of school out to start Disqus.

“Our first customers were active bloggers and power communities who gave us great feedback while also spreading the word about Disqus. Our first investor was a user, Fred Wilson who I first met while responding to his customer service email. There’s a lesson there for new companies just getting started out.”

Disqus takes the responsibility of stimulating online discussions seriously. “We consider our users our own community and we’re in a continual dialogue with them. We’ve built up their trust by delivering a service and features that they enjoy and get value from. We always welcome feedback and invite it at every chance we get. We don’t always get it right and when we don’t, we own up to it. I think ultimately customers want to know that you care, instead of trying to pretend you’re perfect.”

Disqus is run by a small team who gets excited when they’re building new things that have a big impact. Daniel says Disqus presents a pretty rare professional environment—small, scrappy, no BS environment but with the Web scale of much bigger companies—and, they’re hiring ;)

Oh, and if you’re still wondering how to pronounce Disqus, this should clear it up.

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