FIVE SCOOP: Little Island Kitchen is Curating the Small-Batch Artisan Food Movement.

There are tons of products out there—from heirloom beans, artisan jams, locally-crafted flavored mayonnaise and cakes made with farm-fresh eggs and hand-picked lemons; but finding these little gems can be difficult. One magical island of artisan food is Brooklyn. It is perhaps the epicenter of the small batch artisan food movement, and it is where Little Island Kitchen was born. 

Little Island Kitchen Founders Tom O’Connor and Matt Pugliese search America’s cities and towns to uncover unique treasures for both pantry and table, and curate a selection on their website. “We both love food and share a passion for cooking and entertaining,” says Tom. So they created a curated online store for foodies, amateur chefs and gift-givers looking for something only the artisan food movement could provide. “We think the time is perfect for independent stores like ours on the web,” says Tom. “We can offer an experience that is unique and personal for consumers that are more adept at seeking out new and different products.”

Little Island Kitchen even offers handwritten notes and can ship within 24 hours.  “Our customers love that they can send a gift that has a very personal touch.”  From jams, preserves and chutneys, to culinary basil bon bons, Emmy’s Jalapeno Carrots and Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix, this Little Island Kitchen seems to have it all.

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