FIVE SCOOP: Mantry is the Modern Man’s Pantry

Let’s face it— it’s great to discover new things that we like. But shopping for them? Looking for them? –not so much. Mantry is a food-of-the-month club that helps you discover American Artisan Food—AND tells you what to do with it.

Mantry’s goal is to hook someone up with something as simple as a Bloody Mary Mix from a Farmer's Market in Chicago or a BBQ Sauce from a shack in Arkansas. They hope having these discoveries in your pantry will encourage you to invite a couple people over for a cookout and some drinks. “If we aid in that process in the least bit we are doing what we set out to do--along with helping support small-batch makers,” says co-founder Reggie Milligan.


The founders of Mantry recognized that there was so much amazing American Artisan food going undiscovered and wanted to create a better way to discover it and to help show people how to use it. So they started calling craft makers, and delivering crates out the back of a car in the dead of summer, often in the middle of traffic. Now Mantry ships everywhere in North America with outposts in NYC, Toronto and the Midwest.

So who are these guys that created Mantry? “My cofounder Kyle (Zien) was the child actor in Stakeout 1 with Emilio Estevez (serious),” says Reggie. “I was fortunate to work at The French Laundry as a teenager. Our other founder is involved with a pretty cool project called Ethical Ocean.”

Each Mantry crate is curated with a theme like "Bourbon Breakfast" or "American Desert" and includes product stories, recipes and functional ways to use the products in each crate.  “It's not so much about a bunch of ‘This is how you should live’ or ‘Here's how to become a gentlemen’ BS,” says Reggie. “It all revolves around the fact there's a lot of cool stuff being made by talented people, here's an easy way to get your hands on some pretty exclusive products  and hopefully share some home cooked eats with your friends. The makers deserve most the credit.” 

So let Mantry source and send you small batch American goods to your home. All you need to do is taste, and share. Go ahead, man. Try.

Mantry Spotlight: La Esquina Handmade Salsa from The Mantry on Vimeo.

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