FIVE SCOOP: Nest Bedding, Because Everyone Sleeps.

Joe Alexander had been thinking about starting his own company for a couple of years. His wife Britta was his biggest fan, and kept egging him on to go out on his own and start the Nest Bedding brand after he had spent about 15 years working for others in the mattress business. Sadly, Britta passed away about a year and a half ago, but Joe’s dream has lived on to become a reality.

Like many a startup, Nest Bedding was begun after Joe was pushed out of his corporate job. He took his severance check, and opened his first store in 2012.

Nest sells online, through wholesale, and in two physical locations in Northern California. And, they’re developing the Nest Organic brand—their own line of mattresses and bedding which Joe plans to make available for wholesale, retail, as well as franchising and online.

Joe is a consummate sales guy. “When I am asked who my demographic is, I tell people ‘Anyone who sleeps’. When they ask who my competition is I say ‘Anyone who sells mattresses’”.

The fact is, he’s probably right. Most everyone needs a mattress, and everyone is sick and tired of having to run the gauntlet of used car sales tactics and grandiose marketing claims at most retailers. Nest sees the opportunity for smaller, boutique retailers to focus on customer needs. 

So what does Joe think is the secret to his success? The consummate sales guy is not shy to sell himself: “In a nutshell: Me. Any great company is like a vehicle and it is only as good as the engine. I am the engine that drives our success. You will find me working 7 days a week, on the sales floor, answering the phones, cleaning the bathrooms, responding to emails, designing products.”

Joe wholeheartedly believes you cannot find better or more affordable products, presented in a warm, inviting setting, by someone who is well-trained and passionate about the company and products. There is something about his pure drive to be number one that makes us believe Joe is going to have a long history in selling mattresses.

Britta would be proud.

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