Five-Scoop: ‘New Industrialism’ and Module R.

Do you sometimes get excitedly nervous when you meet someone new?  Knees get wobbly, eyes become transfixed and your mouth may even mutter an unintelligible word or two. Home furnishings do the same thing to me. And Module R takes me to that place.

With a Brooklyn retail space to die for and expansive offerings on their website, Module R is the product of former Architect Donald Rattner, who looks to curate flexible, modular, uncommon and often reconfigurable pieces of art, furniture, toys, accessories, wall coverings and more. And basically I want it all.

Check out these toy cars, which I’m sure will end up on my desk rather shortly. Hot Wheels beware, when every kid on the block has an iPad or iPod touch, Jony Ive is quietly molding young minds to see beauty in design, and absolutely everything at Module R, from toy cars to nomadic butterfly screens, is designed with precision and finesse.

“…We’re in the midst of a third industrial revolution,” says Rattner. “The first revolution came about with the invention of mechanized looms in the 18th century, the second culminated in Henry Ford’s assembly line, and the third started with the digitalization of information and its application to manufacturing. The impact of the New Industrialism on the world has been huge…”

It certainly has. Utilizing the vast network that we know as the World Wide Web has enabled many companies and individuals alike to curate otherwise little known products and services to audiences across the globe. Some of the unique pieces found at Module R were even discovered on Kickstarter.

Be on the look out for future store openings and if you’re in dire need of a new spatula set because the one you bought at Target 7 years ago isn’t quite cutting it, hit up Module R’s website and try not to max out your credit cards, I dare you.

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