FIVE SCOOP: Saucee Inspires People to Eat More Creatively.

Saucee is a new line of five flavorful, colorful, and universal sauces that are 100% organic. They’re crafted to inspire people to #EatMoreCreatively.

The San Francisco startup has designed each sauce around a core health ingredient and a unique story to tell. Saucee is a new twist on sauces—it promises to be straightforward, simple and pure—no gums or preservatives. The colorful sauces are made to top, dip, pour, and cook—encouraging flavorable, healthy eating. Saucee is made with pure ingredients and a great balance of heat and flavor, without any added oils, sugars, or additives. 

The company was started by Himanshu Shah and Mohit Jain. They met as freshmen at UC Berkeley, and after post-graduate jobs in finance, retail and e-commerce, they eventually ended up back together to start Saucee—a hybrid food+tech business. After spending three months in the kitchen, coming up with the formulas and vision for the company, they launched on Kickstarter in February 2013.  

As Himanshu says, “This is something we had to do. This is something we truly believe in.”

While they are only just beginning to build their company, Himanshu and Mohit have had an ongoing conversation about food since they first met.

They followed their hearts, their professional expertise, and their family roots to build a company that looks at food in a different and transparent way—through the stories of the food. As entrepreneurs, they gravitated toward a product that is important to them and that they care about. “We have always eaten in wacky and creative ways -- overloading the sauce. More and more we'd find ourselves incorporating unique ingredients into our meals -- Kale, Flax, Turmeric, Capsaicin and Maitake Mushrooms,” says Himanshu, “We wanted to take these amazing ingredients, flavors and colors and re-imagine them in the form of a sauce.” 

“We believe our values and purpose are and will always be the key to our success. We successfully funded 100% of our Kickstarter campaign in just 5 days and know it wasn't just luck - we stayed true to ourselves and our purpose and that emotional connection allowed us to work with other like minded folks, who in turn carried that energy themselves to their own networks. We want to always feel like this and hope to surround ourselves with the right team and partners to keep that pure.” 

Their company, Antical Eats, is the tech-forward engine that powers Saucee. Himanshu and Mohit have thought creatively about how technology can power their distribution, customer acquisition, engagement, analytics and internal tools. “We are a food business operating like a lean startup,” say the founders, “We are obsessed with good quality content and thinking about distribution, marketing, social media, analytics and food production with a tech-forward mentality. We believe technology can power our brand and purpose, allowing us to build something sustainable, profitable and scalable with our obsessive focus on good design, high quality and products with a purpose.” 

Himanshu Shah and Mohit Jain see their success and happiness centered around a foundation of who they are and how they think of their work. “At the core though are a number of simple values that we always follow and underline anything we have done and will do,” say Himanshu and Mohit, “We believe in working hard, but always maintaining a balance in life. Opening doors to be creative, follow passions and interests, travel, listen to great music, spend time with family and just keep pushing hard on all of those aspects of life that are important to you -- all feed back new ideas and perspectives into how we think about Saucee, Antical Eats and our purpose. When it comes to our industry, we deeply believe in raising awareness and education around good food, good business, sustainability and all that comes with it.” 

It sounds like they have created a business with all the right ingredients.

Saucee is based in San Francisco, and is looking to build direct relationships with both wholesale and retail customers and run a sustainable organic food business. If you hurry you can join them on their Kickstarter campaign (which ends on March 14). They’re also currently gathering feedback on their products and business model at farmer’s markets, and events.

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