FIVE SCOOP: Spurcycle is Encouraging Everyday Bicycle Use.

Spurcycle is focused on making bicycle accessories for everyday errands and commuting. They’re a small company engineering new products to encourage more people to use bicycles more often.

Their first two products are GripRings—a modular, colorful handlebar grip system, and their Ringer Bell, with a powerful sound from a trim, precision form.

Brothers Nick and Clint Slone, the founders of Spurcycle, are passionate about encouraging regular bicycle use. “Our customers include people just like ourselves. They are customers that maybe haven't ridden a bike since early childhood. They are customers that have learned to ride, raced for years, plus ride to work and run errands by bicycle everyday. We remember learning to ride and the days when bicycles became a growing part of our lives. Now we ‘Pedal Often’. Things just seem to keep getting better each day we do.”

Nick and Clint have a long history with bikes. Like most kids, they learned to ride early and bombed the neighborhood on BMX bikes, graduating to a pair of Peugeot mountain bikes at age 10. Edgartown Bicycles, the family bike shop on Martha's Vineyard, opened about the same time. Suddenly bikes weren't just toys. Bikes became a big part of their everyday life. From the first days sweeping the shop floors, they eventually learned the business of bicycles: from wrenching to renting, buying and selling. 

Clint eventually went off to Stanford University for Product Design, and Nick landed a job at San Francisco bagmaker Timbuk2 after college—bringing both brothers to the West Coast. Over the years Nick’s focus was operations at design shops, and Clint designed consumer products and medical devices.

Now they’re merging their love for bikes, and skill in design to build a company around the types of product they care most about, seeped in a community at the heart of cycling culture.

“We have a tendency to lose ourselves in the details but are careful not to get lost without perspective. The interdependency inherent in every decision is what makes design (and business) challenging. Common sense and thorough execution have proven critical components in meeting these challenges.”  

The brothers are also scrappy entrepreneurs. They say that Spurcycle has seen success by leveraging a design detail and exceptional execution. “As a small company, Spurcycle can't do everything and achieve 110%. When the resources just aren't there to do it really well, we focus absolutely on doing it really simply.”

Check out Spurcyle here.





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