FIVE SCOOP: Three Southern Gentlemen Are Bottling Moonshine to Make Men Smell Manly.

The founders of EastWest Bottlers—makers of Moonshine fragrances, are three Southern gentleman named Matt R Moore, Charlie Holderness, and Colin Newberry who all met as fraternity brothers at the University of Georgia. After school the trio kept in touch, and eventually decided to start a business together.

While the fragrance market was entirely new to them, they saw a gaping void in the marketplace.  “As more and more brands seek to align themselves with heritage, authentic values, we felt the fragrance market deserved a manlier scent than those hawked by David Beckham, male models, or even worse - Justin Beiber,” say the founders.

So they created a manly fragrance built for the man's-man. They’ve put an emphasis on small batch processing, homegrown business practices, and Southern values, and say that every man deserves to smell better - without having to portray some fake lifestyle as outlined in all the male magazines. 

Moonshine started by hand-bottling in one of the founders parent's basements and has grown to partner with some of the countries best independent retailers. “We work with our stores and are very careful to place our products in environments that meet our brand mission.” They’ve also partnered with Orvis and Belk Department Stores. 

The founders say that even though their business has grown tremendously, they still focus on the same small-business principles which were the key part of the business’ foundation and are still intimately involved in growing the business to give each potential customer that same quality experience by keeping an attention to detail, persistence, and a strong commitment to always doing things the right way--and putting the customer first. 

“We put out the best quality products on the market possible,” claim the founders, “As owners, we respond to every single email or phone call.  It sounds a bit strange to listen and respond to your customers these days, especially in light of the hold systems and auto-response emails, but we believe in being a bit more 'old-school'.  Our fragrance and scent is not a flash-in-the pan overnight success - instead it is a timeless scent that's made for real gentleman.”

For gentlemen, made by gentleman. Moonshine.



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