Five Things Made of Wood.

Tie your tie, don your specs, grab your wallet and go for a bike ride. Here are five items that give morning wood new meaning.

1) Two Guys’ Bow Ties

Have you ever tried tying a bow tie? Jesus, it’s difficult! So why wouldn’t you want to have the benefit of looking stylish without the stress of attempting the futile knot? Wooden bow ties may not be typical, but they certainly are fashionable.

2) Wooden Specs Studio

Wooden frames have been around for a bit now, but finding unique frames that manage to say something about you but also frames that say something about themselves. Wooden Specs Studio produces incredibly unique, one of a kind frames for the individualist in you.

3) We Wood Watches

You may think that making products from wood must be bad for the environment but let We Wood assure you; they’re not that type of business. For every watch you buy, they plant a tree, and not to mention some watches are made using reclaimed wood. Favorite quote from their site, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

4) Slim Timber Wallets

Leather wallets? Who needs ‘em? Slim Timber protects your debits and credits and systematically improves your wardrobe accessories. Imagine the look on her face when you whip out a small, stylish block of wood instead of Louis Vuitton’s newest often replicated design.

5) Bamboo Bikes

And once you grab all your wooden belongings, just hop on your bamboo bike like it ain’t no thang! Really though, bamboo has been known to be stronger than some steels and alloys and provides an incredibly smooth ride. Check it out.

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