Gi-Bike is the Ultimate Urban Electric Commuter Vehicle.

The Gi-Bike is light; it folds; it has smartphone integration; and can be pedal or electric powered. It is, by design, the perfect urban commuter bike.

Urban commuter bikes are becoming commonplace—think of New York’s Citibike, Denver’s B Cycle and San Francisco’s Bay Area Bike Share. More and more people are seeing cars as an out-dated, inefficient way of getting cross-town. But the ultimate in luxury and efficiency is to have your own urban commuter bike--with electic power assist.

The creators of the Gi were conscious of city things when designing the bike. They considered safety, ecology, transport and traffic. As they say, the Gi “…cuts corners in your life, and it helps make the world a safer, more eco-friendly place.”

The Gi-Bike’s intelligent app will foresee any detractions from your set-route, while in route. Hazards, construction, heavy traffic, will be constantly updated by users via social integration. The super-fast folding bike is perfect for hopping on public transport, or jetting up a flight of stairs or squeezing into a small elevator. And, the electric assistance is great for when you’re tired and what to get back home, or for that very special meeting you must arrive to clean and sweat-free—with a Lithium-Ion high performance battery that lasts 40+ miles without recharging.

The Gi-Bike is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for limited production run of the Gi-Bike. You can pledge $3,390 for the Electric GI, or $2,590 for the manual Gi-Bike.

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