Harry’s: For Guys Who Know They Shouldn’t Have to Overpay for a Great Shave.

Ever since the dawn of the metrosexual, companies have been trying to capture the growing men’s grooming products market. There are some great companies out there, creating great brands, and evolving the marketplace. One of the latest is Harry’s—from the co-founder of another disruptor company—Warby Parker, a company which made men’s eyewear affordable, and obtainable directly over the Internet.

“Ever since we started shaving, we’ve been faced with a decision between overpriced, over-marketed, overly futuristic razors and low quality, cheap disposables,” say the folks at Harry’s. “We couldn’t find the simple, quality shave we wanted and we were left wondering why? All the while, the leading brands touted more and more complex razors with louder marketing, charging ever-higher prices to reap soaring profits.”

Founders Andy Katz-Mayfied and Jeff Raider started Harry’s with a mission of creating an excep­tional shave at a fair price. Simple as that. And the brand reflects that simplicity with its clean and basic product and branding design, and quality products. “We’ve brought together teams of talented craftsmen from all over the world,” says the company,  “Our razor blades are engineered in Germany in partnership with a company that has been manufacturing some of the world’s finest blades for more than 90 years. Our handles and shave cream were designed and formulated right here in the USA. We’re proud to offer a line of products crafted to deliver the most precise and luxurious of shaves.”

In other words, Harry’s is designing and manufacturing products using what they believe to be the finest materials and exacting construction. And using the Warby Parker model, Harry’s is selling product directly to consumers online, “shaving away” the excess and offer the highest quality shaving products at fair prices. They also have a social good component to the company. For every pack of Harry’s blades that is purchased, Harry’s donates one blade (or an equivalent dollar value) to an organization that supports our mission of helping people look and feel their best. They’ve handpicked a group of organizations that share their desire to help others put their best foot forward by giving them the confidence and direction to achieve their goals in their own way.

Harry’s reflects the founder’s shared pas­sions and values: an affinity for simple design, an appreciation of the well-made and a belief that it’s possible to improve people’s lives by genuinely caring and offering great products that they love to use. We think you’ll see it in everything they do.

Andy Katz-Mayfied and Jeff Raider


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