Highland Luxury Collection ETHNOTEK Bags—with a social conscious.

Something new and wonderful is happening over at ETHNOTEK bags. You might remember our FIVE SCOOP profile of founders Jake Orak and Josh Linde and their social business model which combines culture and consumerism; offering a unique piece of hand-made global culture in the form of something practical and useful like backpacks and messenger/laptop bags.

Exthnotek bags are created from handmade textiles that are sourced in person and purchased directly from the artisan or craft village in which they were created. They travel far and wide to develop partnerships with artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam all in the name of cultural preservation and celebration.

And today, in the name of all new great products, they are introducing a whole new line of products which combine artisan embroidered materials and high-quality manufacturing called the Highland Luxury collection which they say features the highest quality and most intricate hand embroidered textiles they've sourced to date.

“Behold, the latest masterpieces from the Black and Red Hmong hill-tribes of Northern Vietnam,” say they team at ETHNOTEK of the new luxury collection. Each piece of embroidered fabric this size takes one artisan over a month to embroider. “These truly are rare pieces of art and instead of belonging to a museum or gallery, we believe they should be interacted with, worn, loved, carried, and celebrated daily. To aptly quote Ralph Waldo Emerson – ‘Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.’" 

The new line includes the the Vietmam Dep Tote, the Embroidered Vietnam 5 Wayu pack with a built-in organizer for mobile phones, MP3 players, sunglasses, pens, and small notebooks. The Dep Sleeve for iPad mini is also good a for MacBook Pro 13" and 15". And the King Raja and the Acaat Messenger look great too.

The new Highland Luxury collection looks to meet all sorts of practical uses, and has a social conscious to boot. Check them out here.

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