Hunter Mulich is taking aim at a life in the creative professions

Hunter Mulich turns 21 this month. He’s in his last year of college at San Francisco State, and is looking to making a career around his passions—writing, journalism, photography and music. 

He might just be a career-counselor’s worst nightmare.

The fields of music, writing, journalism, and photography have each gone through seismic shifts in the last few years. Gone are the days of big-money publishing advances for authors, packed newsrooms with investigative reporters, and million-dollar record deals for artists. And with the advent of digital photography, it seems anyone with a good eye can be a professional photographer.

But look at these careers from a different perspective, and you’ll see why Hunter is steady in his stride, heading toward a world steeped in music, journalism, photography and writing. Stripped of corporate profits, these fields are left barren to their core—leaving only creativity and talent behind. Gone are those who ventured into these creative professions for the lure of power and money. Those who enter now will surely be hugged by those who remain—and who embrace talent, and passion.

Hunter is in a class of wide-eyed, passion-driven, talented creative professionals, beginning their careers after an industry apocalypse. There’s no doubt that Hunter’s chosen fields have gone through a re-education, and Hunter appears to be graduating at just the right moment.  

Hunter might be a career coaches’ dream.

The moment you meet Hunter you feel his energy and dedication. He’s one of the most articulate twenty-somethings you can meet. At an age when most are only starting to form their own belief system, and understand their own emotions (much less talk about them), Hunter clearly communicates philosophies, looks at life with a historical perspective, and has social consciousness firmly planted in his being. He’s not mimicking his parent’s or professor’s beliefs, he’s forming his own.


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