Introducing the “Buzzed Buzzer.” The First New Year’s Eve Party Horn that Only Works When You’re Drunk.

It’s New Years Eve. You’re at a party, and you’re drunk. But you don’t think so. If only if you had a breathalyzer to check your buzz.

Enter the “Buzzed Buzzer,‘ a homemade party horn turned breathalyzer. All you need to do is replace the regular horn mechanism with an Arduino, alcohol sensor, and buzzer that activates with the presence of alcohol. When a person blows into the horn, and if the sensor sees a spike in alcohol on the user’s breath, the horn will make a noise. If no boozy breath, the buzzer won’t make a sound.

Instructions are on the site to make your own Buzzed Buzzer.

And, here’s a how-to-video, but make sure you’re not buzzed before you begin work. 

Buzzed Buzzer from Tyler DeAngelo on Vimeo.

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