Join Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Eisner, Cirque du Soleil, and Arianna Huffington at C2-MTL: Commerce and Creativity in an unorthodox conference setting

This May, a group of international corporate leaders and world-renowned innovators will gather in Montreal to steep themselves in the creative process at an event called C2-MTL. 

C2 stands for commerce and creativity—two once opposing words, now critically interlocked to achieve business success in the age of globalization.

After witnessing creativity becoming a strategic function in more and more organizations, the creators of C2-MTL have envisioned a major international gathering for business leaders interested in insights into how creativity can drive their organization’s strategic development.

They’ve invited an amazing list of high-profile speakers, thought-provoking presentations and privileged access to business gurus who have figured out how to incorporate creativity into business management. They’ve devised it so that C2-MTL will be an opportunity for participants from industries of all types to develop their business creativity skills and discover tools for stimulating their organization’s innovation capacity. C2-MTL has rethought the conventional conference concept to come up with an event featuring one-of-a-kind meetings, immersive exhibitions and activities, a creativity Boot Camp and collaborative sessions, all set in an innovation village specially designed for C2-MTL in the historic, beautiful, and artistic city of Montreal, Quebec.

“We want this to be a content-driven experience that creates a conducive environment for learning creative leadership skills, spurs participants to think deeply about their business issues and helps them build a culture of creativity in their organization,” said Benoît Berthiaume, Executive Producer of C2-MTL.

“C2-MTL will explore the business/creativity dyad and its potential to reshape the business landscape. We must use both sides of our brains in order to fully leverage our ability to think and create. Participants will be prompted to do just that, and will then be able to apply what they learn in their organizations.” said Jean-François Bouchard, President of Sid Lee,the main architect of the event.

Speakers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds will share their experiences, including noted director Francis Ford Coppola, who will be speaking on the subject “A Brave New World”; former Disney CEO Michael Eisner; Robert Safian, Editor of Fast Company; Dr. Rex Jung, Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the University of New Mexico, who will speak on “The Eureka Moment; Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group; Robert Wong, Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab; Daniel Lamarre, CEO of Cirque du Soleil; Lotfi El-Ghandouri, the founder of Creative Society and Hub Madrid; and many others.

C2-MTL’s partners include creative agency Sid Lee, Cirque du Soleil, HSM Global and Fast Company.

The event will be held May 22-25. You can purchase tickets on the event website here.

C2-MTL Teaser from C2-MTL on Vimeo.

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