KICKSTART THIS: AGENT may be the world's smartest Smartwatch

A few months ago we told you about the Pebble Watch—the really cool smartwatch that acts in many ways like a smartphone, and gives us reason to wear a watch again. 

Now, the AGENT is headed into the marketplace as next innovative watch. Wearing one of these is like something from a James Bond film or the old TV show Get Smart. You can truly act like a secret agent with a AGENT watch.

It may just be the world's smartest smartwatch.

AGENT’s main features over other smartwatches are it’s claims of improved battery life, Qi wireless charging, two-way communication to smartphones and powerful watch apps. 

They say it is a leap forward in smartwatch technology.

Secret Labs created the AGENT watch by working with NYC watchmaker House of Horology to design a watch where you can switch from one face to another with the press of a button, matching your style or your mood.  And you can download additional watchfaces through your smartphone. The wireless charging capability means no more wires and cables.

This is truly a smartwatch, and is an extension of your smartphone. With the ability access your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can access apps, texts, music, etc. You can even get notifications of incoming emails and calls. Oh, and did I mention you can also use your smartwatch as a pedometer, a sleep tracker or a game controller.

The company plans to retail the watches at $299, but you can get yours through their Kickstarter campaign for $149.

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