KICKSTART THIS: Buca Boot for the Urban Biker

Where to store your goods (securely and safely) when riding an urban bike has been a challenge. But Buca Boot combines the flexibility of a bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. You can store everything from a spare pair of shoes (or jacket), to your laptop, to a case of beer—out of the hands of thieves, and away from the elements—rain, heat and snow. Buca Boot helps you stop worrying about your stuff and go.

Buca Boot fits securely to any bike’s standard rear bike rack, and has a unique hinge locking system. Buca Boot is weatherproof, flexible, and comes in Navy, Steel and Tomato.

The idea for Buca Boot was born while founder Kathryn Carlson was cycling the streets of London. “I was always going somewhere — to classes at LSE, to a museum, to the pub, or all three in a row. Every activity required me to carry different things. I felt like a pack mule taking it all on my bike.”

To solve the problem, Kathryn enlisted various designers and engineers to create the Buca Boot. She’s now raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to finalize production and get the Buca Boot out on the streets. Check them out, and be the first to have a Buca Boot by contributing to the crowd funding campaign.

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