KICKSTART THIS: Choosatron—Interactive Reading in a Box

Each week we uncover Kickstarter campaigns that inspire us, and present them to you during The Weekend Edition. This week, we bring you Choosatron, a digital storytelling platform in a box, which fuses arcade gaming with interactive fiction. It is an interactive way to make, play, write, and learn from stories. It’s tactile, it’s never-ending, it’s amazing, it’s stories made by you—in a box.

As the Choosatron prints a tale, players select options via a keypad. Inside the box, an Arduino micro-controller runs Twine, a piece of open-source software which allows the user create different narrative paths.

Born of the Maker Movement, Choosatron is a kit that assembles into a small interactive fiction game box. The creators used the Spark Core Wi-Fi development kit, a thermal printer, and “some serious brain wrinkling” to make Choosatron happen. The result is a combination of social reading and playing. “As you play, you make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, and your journey is printed on a keepsake paper scroll. You'll be able to write your own stories as well, using open and free software. Download new stories over Wi-Fi, and share your own stories with other over the internet. Save your unique stories right on the provided SD card. Inspiring for kids, exciting for adults!”

Check out the Choosatron Kickstarter campaign here.

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