KICKSTART THIS: Cold Brew Coffee from Secret Squirrel

The best-kept secret is out. There is Kickstarter campaign to introduce All-American cold brew coffee concentrate made from 100% Hawaiian grown premium coffee beans. It’s called Secret Squirrel. 

Cold brewed coffee uses no heat in the brewing process. Trevor and Rebecca Smith, the founders of Secret Squirrel course-grind the coffee beans, then soak them in water for 18-20 hours. Then, they double filter it to make cold brewed coffee concentrate. They say cold brewing makes it 66% less acidic and brings out the natural sweetness of the coffee.

They turned to Kickstarter so they could test the ability to use 100% U.S. grown premium beans. You see, most of the coffee we consume comes from other countries due to the high cost of growing here (Secret Squirrel says the U.S. beans are 7-10 times more expensive than imported beans).

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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