KICKSTART THIS: Draft – A Physical Notebook That Syncs To The Cloud.

I love my notebooks. I’ve been handwriting notes, drawing ideas, and keeping a journal since I can remember. I have over 50 notebooks stored in boxes in my office. 

There is something magical and important about writing things down--something that can’t be duplicated with the current digital tools.

Enter Draft. Draft notebooks allow you to put pen-to-paper, then automatically sync your notebook to the cloud every month, save your handwritten ideas and notes digitally.

For $10 per month, Draft sends you a new book. All you need to do is fill it up, and send it back to be scanned and dropped in the cloud. While we wish we could automatically digitize our notebooks instantly, we are content with Draft’s 5-day turn-around from pen and ink, to the cloud.

The Draft notebooks are good looking, and will be made possible through this Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Check them out. 

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