KICKSTART THIS: Dyer & Jenkins--Los Angeles Made Menswear Basics

Dyer & Jenkins have decided to make menswear staples, made in America, and of premium quality. And provide them at remarkable prices. And, to crowd fund their efforts on Kickstarter.

Dyer & Jenkins source high quality fabrics and construction techniques to provide a durable and fashionable product. All products will be cut and sewn in Los Angeles, and will use a lean manufacturing methodology, with small batch production. One of the big advantages of small patch manufacturing in the fashion industry is that products are created on demand with no wasteful excess inventory to produce—which keeps overall costs down, and doesn’t cheapen the brand.

Their crowd-funding goal of $20k will enable them to source fabric and handcraft everything in Los Angeles. At $40k, they'll be able to create a full collection and line of products. Check them out.

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