KICKSTART THIS: Explory - A mobile storytelling app by the creators of Flash.

It seems that we are all self-publishers—from posting to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, to publishing books and magazines; advances in technology and the Internet allow us to publish what we want.

And now, a new company from the guys who created Flash is seeking funding through Kickstarter to introduce a new way to self-publish not only WHAT you want, but WHEN and HOW you want. 

It’s called Explory. Its a new app that’s on a mission to help you easily capture, edit and share rich, compelling stories with your smartphone. As we all move from a mouse and keyboard, to tapping a screen in the palm of our hands, our self-publishing tools need to change with us, right?

The founders call Explory “a studio in your pocket.”

Combine photos, video, text, and narration into great stories, without the time and effort of traditional video editing. The result is an interactive experience - viewers can simply watch, skip sections, or dive in to explore more. It’s great for sharing the stories of your life, and for business stories. Share your stories privately or on the social networks you already use. Stories are saved in the cloud and optimized for your device.

Explory is in early testing right now, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to find early customers who will give them the feedback to make the product fantastic and to raise funds toward launch.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter now. And, KICKSTART THIS.

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