Kickstart This: Grip Clip by Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe.

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Feast your eye (glasses) on the Grip Clip. It’s a piece of soft plastic that can slide onto your glasses and hold a pencil, pen, or “other similarly sized object.” The Grip Clip can hold pens, pencils, a Stylus, laser pointers—even a Sharpie.

OK, we admit it. At first, we thought the Grip Clip was a silly idea—a practical joke really. It looked like someone was trying to pull-one over on potential Kickstarter supporters.

Who would serious invent a plastic eyeglass attachment to hold a pencil? Who wears glasses anymore (in our post-Lasik world) and who still uses a pencil or pen (when we have touchscreen tablets and smartphones)? Well, it turns out that there are still plenty of designers, builders, makers, and artists who, while they are building, need to take notes, sketch out an idea, or mark where to line-up a cut. These designers, builders, makers and artists typically will use a pencil, pen, or Sharpie for this task. You see, a digital tablet does have its limitations. And, as for Lasik surgery—that’s so 2001. It’s far cooler to sport a pair of Warby Parker specs.

So, two dudes from Stanford University—Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe, imagined and built the Grip Clip. They used 3D printing to create the prototype molds and are hoping to raise $6,000 on Kickstarter to purchase a machined mold in order to go into mass-production.

Designers, builders, makers, artists unite, and help Atticus and Blake make Grip Clip a reality.

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