KICKSTART THIS: Helios Bars - Transform any bike into a smart bike.

Check out this latest fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Helios Bars is the world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bicycles. Using Bluetooth 4.0 & GPS it add smart features to any bike. Helios Bars is a great way to bike safely on the road.

Imagine handlebars that Allow your bike to sense your presence & automatically turn on your headlight when you're near, and off when you're not—and with left and right blinkers keep you safe & visible on the road. Now add GPS tracking so you can keep tabs on your bike via SMS from anywhere in the US. Receive the coordinates of your bike & a Google Maps link to its location within 30 seconds of tracking. Then let your handlebars be your visual speedometer—letting others see you that you’re accelerating or decelerating via rear facing LEDs which change color according to how fast you ride. Then give them a turn-by-turn navigation system powered by Google Maps and rear lights that indicate when a turn is approaching.

That’s what we call one smart set of handlebars.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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