KICKSTART THIS: People of Earth apparel not only looks good, but does good.

JJ Mas is starting an original apparel company called People of Earth offering limited edition items that inspire and build community—for people who like to be different.

“Walking the downtown streets I’m surrounded by culture and creativity,” says JJ, “But it is hard to miss the ever-present struggle—the streets are littered with people just begging for a few cents just to get by. I want to help these people.”

JJ imagines a brick-and-mortar store that offers free classes and workshops in computer science, graphic design, marketing, and entrepreneurship for local homeless youths, troubled teens, or anyone else who wants to learn.  He wants to use design and creativity to change lives for the better.

To start this movement, he’s creating original t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and pullovers in very limited quantities. Each collection will feature anywhere from two to ten original designs. “We believe that each design becomes much more memorable and unique when the factor of exclusivity is introduced. Owners of each print will be part of a very limited niche of badass individuals wearing prints as unique as they are.”

Go on. Be badass.


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