KICKSTART THIS: Petcube—Stay Connected to Your Pet While You are Away.

When my vanilla lab Gracie Allen was a puppy, I’d leave NPR on while I was away to keep her separation anxiety at bay. Hearing human voices seemed to soothe her.

It worked, but if would have worked better if we had a Petcube.

A what?

Petcube is a 4 x 4 x 4 inches gadget that keeps you connected to your pet while you are away. It has a built-in wide angle camera you can see your pet. You can have a conversation with her using speakers and microphone. It gives you a controlled laser pointer to bring the fun times with your pet to a whole new level.

Petcube has an extruded aluminum casing, front glass, wide angle camera, 2 servo motors, low intensity laser, microphone and speakers, circuit board, notification LED, mini-USB port. The device is plugged into the wall with mini-USB power adapter and connected to your home Wi-Fi.

As long as there are some bars on your smartphone you can check on your pet from any part of the globe.

Petcube is currently raising funds for production via Kickstarter. Check out their campaign here.

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