KICKSTART THIS: Satchel & Page

Satchel & Page make heirloom-quality, 1940s styled leather bags inspired by founder Daniel Ralsky’s Grandfather's Map Case from WWII. Oh, and they’re guaranteed for life.

The bags are custom-made, using 8 oz. vegetable-tanned leather which is 2-4 times thicker than most other leather bags. The seems are hand-stitched, and the company says they will get better with age. The classic 1940’s designs include a mailbag, map case, pilot’s bag, billfolds, luggage tags and a weekender they call Gladstone. Selling direct, they are offering the bags through Kickstarter at a cost that is fairly priced—especially considering that they’re guaranteed for life, and designed to be passed down through the generations—just as grandpa’s WWII map case was.



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