KICKSTART THIS: SOOT Electropack - The Modern Man's Backpack

We all know that feeling of dread when our iPhone displays the 10% battery warning and we are nowhere near a charger. Our lives flash through our eyes. How will we show our friends that video of the dog skateboarding that we found? How will we know if a restaurant is good or not without being able to consult Yelp? As our phone batteries dwindle it seems that our life is crumbing down around us.

I myself consider finding the nearest well and diving into it when my battery has dwindled down to less than 10% and losing power is imminent. Trust me you do not want to stand between me and an outlet when my phone battery is low.

Thankfully for all of us, SOOT agrees that we should never have to languish without power. With their SOOT Electropacks they are rethinking the way we think about what a bag should do for us. SOOT has created a bag for the twenty-first century: stylish and practical.

Check out their kickstarter campaign here, and don’t let your devices die ever again. 

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